Keri Kool's Interview number 2: Pablo's Son

           As the black German sedan ease to a stop. I end my call with Sity himself. He pushes the back door open for me greets me with a smile. I accompany him in he back seat. Some how he canceled our meeting and reschedule it sometime. He say I can interview him in he backseat heading to his next destination. Kill two birds with one stone. Sity stare blankly for a bit, my first question takes him clear from his trance.

Keri Kool: So now that you have released that lil fucking bit. Excuse my language We have a taste of your writing style.Which you warned me was blatantly unorthodox. We got a under standing of Cinema wynt. I want to thank you. But you know Im here to give it to you right? (Sity half nods then commence a smile). First what is with the absents of narration? Like, why would you try such a method? People want direction. People are lazy. We need to be spoon feed. Im loving the story line, considering the fraction you provided. But give me a break Sity. I had to read a couple lines 3-4 times. The book is-

Sity love: Fast. Thats what it is Keri fast. When your are speeding you need to pay attention. So pay attention and enjoy the message. You look nice by the way, your "I GET BUSY" t-shirt fits well. 

Keri: Its more then just "Fast pace" Sity it-

Sity: It doesn't flow right. Right. Since you are super woman your thoughts flow right.

Keri: No

Sity: So how do you expect Cinema to have flawless thoughts? She human. She thinks wide and narrow. Her thoughts jump around. Think about when you are alone and your mind runs viciously. Then record that and play it back for the world. What chapter1 is, as well as a large percentage of the book, A monologue. Projected thoughts of your favorite characters.

Keri: You should at lease tell us that. On a deeper note. I feel like this is based on a true story. Like the B.M.C.C. thing was to real. My question is are you Andreni?

Sity: This is not base on a true story. I am not Andreni. You think Andreni would do an interview?...

Keri: You do have a weird sleeping pattern, thats why I could never catch you.

Sity: Prioritize. I must prioritize well. But VvsM does posses a relatable feeling. Its could be the time frame, the state of mind or the blatant crazy that is often displayed but masked well.

Keri: Time zone. What tenure is the setting?

Sity: There are two main prospectives, Cinema and Andreni's. They ping pong chapters for a while. Andrei's will always be in the present day. Forth quarter2017.

Cinema is in the present however her "spectaCALS" keeps her reminiscing...They meet 9,10,11 years ago. Gradually she tells their history, until she reaches present day.

Keri: Ok answer this for me please......TO READ THE REMAINDER OF THIS INTERVIEW GO TO 

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