Pablo's Son The interview

         Here we are at the gym NYSC. Sity said if I could meet him here in 15 minutes he'll proceed with the interview and then put it on his site. He is training when I arrive. Full of sweat, with a serious face. He notice me then smiles. Gives me the one finger. The 'hold on' finger. He spots his client with lots of motivation and little assistance. The client struggles to failure. This excites Sity. He commends, then sanitize his hands as he walks to me. 

Keri: I want to congratulate you on taking the steps to chase your dream. Because I always wanted to write a book and guess what? I still do. But this is your first interview here. I wish you a warm welcome. Lets get it started. 

This is your first project, no more ghostwriting correct? (Sity love half nods with a smile) What would you like to tell your fans?

Sity love: Thank you, all is appreciated. My fans are the illest, Listen my advice is to put God 1st. Your Passion 2nd. Then the Family who earned the title 3rd. I love everyone who finds my characters interesting because I feel they can relate. And relating to Cinema, Andreni or Malichi puts them at the top of the cool chart.

Keri: V.E.N.U.S. vs M.A.R.S. why is this your first project? and what is the significance in the title?

Sity love: The title is obviously an acronym that tells a story before you even read a page. Vested Entering New Unique Seduction, refers to Cinema's life she experience something...fell in love with it...and gave it her all. Many of us have been vested because we were seduced or enticed by love, money, or pleasure. Now Andreni's representational acronym is Murder Answers Real Situations. Its has very little ambiguity. You have an issue, locate the problem and put it to an end. It can be changing your breaks or putting a informant out their misery...its just a book though.

This is my first project because it speaks. It kicks the doors off. This is definitely going to be rated many people's top 5 novels ever. Its a thriller, a mystery, and a love story.     

Keri: Tell me about Cinema Wynt?

Sity love: Cinema. I love her. She is a combination of the past, present and future women in my cypher. She is the role model for all the females who couldn't successfully find one. She is stylishly insane and shows it off to all who have the eyes to see it. She is proud of her flaws and mishaps. She lives life with a moral code that is so fire.

Keri:What code is that? 

Sity love: SACRIFICE 

Keri: Most writers meditate or brainstorm in there bedrooms at night or when they wake. Where does your inspiration comes from?

Sity love: First off. I don't have a bedroom. I got an office with a bed... My inspiration comes all day. I pay attention to people. Their actions, movement, and Egos. I am most inspired when I see senseless maneuvers and find understanding. Feel me. Like I know why he/she did that? I may not agree. But I am able to put on your shoes.

Keri: So you are understanding? 

Sity love: Yes, but not to forgiving. I believe you should understand people if your creating people. Feel me.

Keri: How would you Define your writing style?

Sity love: My style over all is "Exactly what the fuck you think" it is. No need to question your self you think its fire, because it is. I think its unorthodox, But saucy. I am not your average baby sitter author.

Keri: Meaning??

Sity love: I do not hold your hand through out the book. There is no narration at all. None. Im never going to say "Cinema got tired, so she took a nap" That is elementary to me. However, I will have her yawn, then fluff her pillow. Its up to the readers imagination to understand that she is preparing for sleep. I render clues...the rest is on you.

Keri: So your material requires thought?Correct?

Sity love: Yes. Ones project is a depiction of them. I, as a person. I am not a easy read. I am to be paid attention to. I am not a flier with all the necessary facts in bold. I am a intricately simple book. So that is why I created one.

Keri: What about Andreni? Tell me more about him. Is he the antagonist?

Sity love: Andreni is a South Jamaica, Queens soldier swagging at his best. The definition of a risk taker. The protagonist and antagonist positions are actually traded between Andreni and Cinema like a tennis ball in the U.S. open. They are their own villains as well as their own hero/heroin. Its crazy but you'll love it. Very relatable. The part I like is that all the fans so far pick a side. They are either in love with Cinema and join Cinema Gang. Or they favor Andreni. And ride with Team Tachyon. I haven't really meet no one that was on the fence.

Keri: One last question and i'll catch you next week if your free. when is the book coming out?

Sity love: .....2017 forth quarter, pre-order it. and get the exclusive package deal. And I'm gonna launch a competition. Model flow. All is welcome. Take a pic or video wearing your preferred VvsM merchandise. Email it to The winner is guaranteed Lit.     

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